TEWE Bauchemiegesellschaft mbH Betrieb: A+B

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In August 2000 dga took over the company
A+B Gesellschaft für Straßenbaustoffe mbH.

This company was incorporated into our group of companies as business unit of TEWE Bauchemiegesellschaft mbH.

A+B Gesellschaft für Straßenbaustoffe mbH, Hamburg, was founded on 04.11.1959. At the beginning the focus was the production of mastic asphalt, of bitumen based repair compounds and of thermoplastic road marking materials. Integrated into the Lafrentz group, Hamburg, in the course of the time the production primarily moved to the production of thermoplastic marking materials and to the production of bitumen based repair compounds. At the beginning almost exclusively the own company group was supplied. From 1996 on A+B increased faced the competitors - as free supplier on the European market. 

After the takeover by dga the production remained in Hamburg at first and was relocated in the years 2002 and 2003 to Diedersdorf/Vierlinden.

Today TEWE Bauchemiegesellschaft mbH, Betrieb: A+B, develops, produces and sells thermoplastic marking materials for all application techniques and layer thicknesses.

Our specialties integrate thermoplastic marking materials with higher visibility at night and when it's wet (type II) with bigger glass beads or for structured markings as well.

Unique is the form of supply of our thermoplastic road marking materials. The binder pellets offer the customer the advantages of an always homogenously mixed product with a fast heating period.

Through the intensive cooperation with reputable institutions, such as the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt), Bergisch Gladbach, and the patented production procedure we develop now products that meet higher standards than required by ZTV-M 2002 for marking materials.

More information you will find here: www.tewe-ab.de